ONE: Select Your Plan & Homesite

Homebuyer step 1 thumb

Visit the new home community and see the layout and amenities. Your community sales specialist will guide you through the process of selecting your home site, floor plan, and writing the contract.

TWO: Obtain Pre-Approval

Homebuyer step 4

You will get with your lender and have them issue you a pre-approval letter. If you do not have a lender, your community specialist will give you a list of our preferred lenders.

THREE: Personalize Your Home with Color/Option Selections

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Time to make your floor plan a home! Personalize your home by selecting colors, flooring, cabinets, and many other design choices.

FOUR: Meet Your Builder

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At the pre-construction meeting, you will review YOUR plans of the home and finalize all changes. After this meeting, the next step is breaking ground!

FIVE: Frame Walk

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Visit the homesite to ensure that all your pre-determined selections are accounted for

SIX: Weekly Progress Report Begins

Your builder and sales specialist will update you on the progress of your home week by week. You are welcome to visit your home site anytime, just remember to be careful. It is a construction site so we encourage you to stop by once the construction has stopped for the day.

SEVEN: Prepare for Closing

The closing coordinator will be reaching out to your lender approximately 30 days before closing to start this process.

EIGHT: New Home Orientation

This is an opportunity for the builder to explain the warranty process and how to use special features as well as maintenance requirements of your new home.

NINE: Close, Move-in, & Enjoy Your NEW HOME!

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One last walk through with your builder and then it is time to make this home officially yours!

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